Nanoheat Alumni win NSF CAREER Awards!

Congrats to Saniya Leblanc (George Washington University) and Damena Agonafer (Washington University in St. Louis) for their 2019 awards, and to Yoonjin Won (UC Irvine) in 2018, all with great ideas for research, education, and outreach.  Saniya’s research will be on additive manufacturing for thermoelectric applications, and Damena and Yoonjin are exploring aspects of phase […]

ARPA-E collaboration launches with UC Merced, NREL, and Toyota

Extreme two-phase heat sinking for data centers and power electronics, exploring the limits of convective cooling for two of the toughest applications facing society. Project Title:  Exploring the Limits of Cooling for Extreme Heat Flux Applications: Data Centers and Power Electronics.  Collaborators:  Prof. Joe Palko, UC Merced, Dr. Sreekant Narumanchi, NREL, and Dr. Eric Dede, […]

Inaugural Richard Chu Achievement award

Ken Goodson will be recognized at ITHERM 2018 for contributions to electronics thermal management and will deliver a luncheon plenary entitled “The Heat Conduction Renaissance” this coming June. Kenneth Goodson receives the Inaugural Richard Chu ITherm Award The mechanical engineering department chair has been recognized for his significant contributions to thermal management in electronic systems […]

IEEE Spectrum features our heat sink surface engineering

Retaining liquids that wet the material surface is a big challenge, we’ve developed a strategy based on nanostructuring. Retaining liquids that wet nanostructured interfaces is a big challenge, Damena and collaborators have shown the route forward.  J. Colloid Science & Technology is featuring our article with a cover image, and there is some nice press […]

Best Poster at IEEE Power Electronics Conference

Chirag & Joe led a novel heat sink design for GaN power electronics and co-authored the best poster at the Applied Power Electronics Conf. in San Antonio TX Here is the full reference for the poster, which is collaborative with the Pilawa group at UIUC:  N. Pallo, C. Kharangate, T. Modeer, J. Schaadt, M. Asheghi, […]